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Institutional Racism & White Supremacy: They Kill Innocent Children Too

Understandably, in light of the horrific tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, many have called for a nation dialogue regarding the United States’ lax gun laws. The president has even called for a task force to address gun violence —-all brought on by the terrible tragedy in Newtown. However, we do not see these kinds of actions put forth when it comes to the senseless and horrific killings of people of color, whether they are mass killings or otherwise. It should be blatantly evident that the death of people of color is not weighed the same when contrasted to that of white people.

During the summer of 2012 the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement put out a report that highlighted that (at least) every 36 hours a black person in the US is extra-judiciously murdered by police, security guards or self-appointed law enforcement. Despite this human rights issue, no corporate media outlet picked up the story and there was no statement from Barack Obama and his administration. And there was no national mourning when a 7-year old black girl from Detroit was murdered, while she slept on her family’s couch, by the police. Her name was Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley Jones. The corporate media, along with most of the US’s elected officials, based on their inaction, could not give a damn. No matter how many black children are killed because of gun related violence “mainstream” America remains callously silent with indifference—especially when they are murdered by state sponsored police.

And when the US’s military destroys innocent civilians (including children), there are no tears shed by the president or corporate media talking heads. Since 2005 the Bush and Obama administration is responsible for at least 178 drone related murders of children in Pakistan, alone. Certainly no mourning from Obama, regarding those murders—after all he orchestrated many of them.  This all happens under the direction of institutional racism, white supremacy and US foreign and domestic policy. Because of the aforementioned issues, we at Your World News will be hosting a national forum on our radio show this coming January 8th at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. We are inviting the public to call in with their personal stories regarding institutional racism in America, as well as with their solutions oriented ideas. We want this radio based forum to serve as a platform to launch in to a national task force addressing these issues, led by the people and progressive grassroots organizations. We, as an engaged community, cannot afford to idly sit by while innocent people are being murdered whole sale. We must speak out, organize and demand an end to all forms institutional racism and injustice, which includes police brutality and imperialism.

We must work collectively. However, we must create a national dialogue that raises the specter of consciousness regarding these issues and their root causes. This show, we hope, will serve as an important first step. Please tune in to the important show on Tuesday January 8th at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time simply by clicking on this link:

The call-in number will be: 347-945-5191.

Let’s work together to put an end these crimes against humanity.

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