Brexit & European Hypocrisy: Plunder, Colonialism, Chattel Slavery & Mass-Carnage


Brexit & European Hypocrisy:

Plunder, Colonialism, Chattel Slavery & Mass-Carnage

By Solomon Comissiong

This is NOT an article intended to fully weigh-in on the so-called BREXIT debate, however this is more so intended to shed some additional light on the hypocrisy of the Europeans who were pro-BREXIT simply because of their racist and xenophobic views on migration into England.

It is incredibly ironic that white-Brits would be so ardent and opposed to migration into countries like England, when that country’s present (and past) has a long tainted history of traversing throughout the world (as if they owned it), brutally colonizing other countries (mostly inhabited by people of color), enslaving those people, and plundering their resources. 

So-called English “settlers” (invaders) left bloodstained trails of death and destruction virtually everywhere their nefarious expansionist projects took them. Traveling throughout the globe in search of new land and resources, they immediately claimed land that was not their own. It mattered little if any other humans previously inhabited the lands, especially if they were people of color. The English gobbled up the land like a runaway social disease. They were happily infected with the destructive societal malady of white supremacy. Within the process of plundering other peoples’ lands the English would massacre, rape and mutilate the bodies of the native inhabitants, whether the resisted or not. These criminals of course, also, stole the land of the indigenous inhabitants. There were no limits to the evil committed by the English invaders. The twisted irony is that these people fallaciously claimed they were civilizing the natives, however it was the English, who in fact were in need of civilizing. They were monstrous and wretchedly evil barbarians. They were more fit for a zoo rather than to resource-rich lands they stole. Their actions were among the earliest forms of global terrorism. This fact is undeniable.  

The English have been responsible for the deaths of untold millions. They have been responsible for completely destroying nations and robbing them of their resources. It is pathetic that many morally challenged Brits want to complain about people migrating into England? What else should anyone intellectually honest person expect from a class of people who did little to stop their country’s leadership from bombing and invading countries like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan!

Many of the people migrating into different parts of Europe, including England, are doing so in large part because of the imperialist, barbaric and destructive actions of their countries’ leadership. Much of their economies are predicated upon the illegal expropriation of resources and profits acquired from their former colonies—-colonies established by way of brutal imperialist practices. The English are not alone in their historic crimes against humanity. They are joined by many other European nations, including (but not limited to):  Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, and Spain. It is rather amusing that a great many people from these nations continue to complain how their countries will suffer if migration is uninterrupted, yet they never acknowledge how their nations have benefited from the theft of land, labor and resources from other countries. Like the racist Euro-Americans who dream of “making America great again”, xenophobic Europeans could care less about the carnage their countries have caused throughout history. Euro-America and much of Europe has amassed a great deal of wealth via theft of resources from countries mostly inhabited by people of color. And in the process of their looting, they have directly been responsible for the death to innumerable tens of millions. This unfortunately is no exaggeration.

NOT every English person who was pro-BREXIT was in favor of leaving based on xenophobic anti-migration ideologies, however there are many that hold these racist and hypocritical sentiments. They continue to lavishly wallow in their filthy social excrement of contrived white privilege and white supremacist views. Little can be done to change their views.

Those of us that are humanitarian and justice oriented, by nature, need to stand in solidarity with the masses of people who have been displaced and brutally impacted by colonization, neo-colonization, imperialism, and any form of structural oppression. We need to stand tall and strong together, mobilize across borders (especially borders that have been arbitrarily manufactured) and organize towards the construction of a much more socially just global society. Never cease from speaking out for justice; words can often times serve as a catalyst for productive mobilization and organization. A better and more peaceful world is on the horizon, we have to be the visionaries to see it—and then obtain it.

Solomon Comissiong ( is an educator, community activist, author, and Founder of the Your World News Media Collective ( Solomon is the author of A Hip Hop Activist Speaks Out on Social Issues. Solomon is also the writer and producer of the documentary, Hip Hop, White Supremacy & Capitalism: Why Corporations Infiltrated RAP Music. He can be reached at:

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