Concerns With Raising a Black Boy in the United States


Concerns With Raising a Black Boy in the United States

by Tai Carson

So to clarify, I’m raising my son to be:
1) independent but not offend
2) take pride in his culture but know how to code switch
3) ask questions but accept that not all rules are fair
4) challenge the status quo but not be seen as hostile
5) become a strong man but not like “scary strong”
6) know himself but be aware that he’ll have to prove it time and again… Son, don’t reach for ID when asked
7) BUT ALWAYS comply with authority…
8) stay unthreateningly cute…
9) be smart but don’t offend your co-workers because you deserve that job you went to college for even if people diminish it with whispers of “affirmative action” ‪#‎staymadabby‬
10) speak well but don’t feel ashamed when people say “you don’t sound like you’re from dc”
11) don’t travel in groups but never travel alone…
12) be angry that you have these rules but put a smile on your face at work
13) be absolutely flawless and perfect so that if something does happen no one can use your mistakes to challenge your right to live
14) understand social media but don’t become a hashtag…
15) don’t wear a hoodie…
16) don’t move…
17) don’t breathe…

I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.

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